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LogoCarousel is a premium logo & client showcase for WordPress 3+ websites. It generates an infinite loop with a few given logos and duplicate them if necessary.

[hr][/hr][h4]Features[/h4][list icon=”star”]

  • Smooth jQuery animation.
  • Four different animation directions (left, right, top, bottom).
  • Customizable speed.
  • Ramdomize columns/rows speed.
  • Stop on mouse-over.


[h4]Force Full-width & Call to Action[/h4]

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Each of the logo carousels contains countless options to customize the way you need them. Most of the options are self explaintory. In addition to the options to the left, the call-to-action block has it’s own set of options.

The force full page width option may not work on all themes, since it tries to position the carousel on the left and right limits of the page, which might not always be available to jQuery.

The enable links option will allow you to display the logos with or without links. Sometimes you just want to display the logos as a background for a call-to-action message and not let your visitors click on them. In cases like these it is possible to just disable links and also disable the dismiss button on your call to action block.

Credits: [hyperlink target=’_self’ href=’https://www.alchemythemes.com/wordpress-plugins/logo-carousel-wordpress-logos-showcase/’]https://www.alchemythemes.com/wordpress-plugins/logo-carousel-wordpress-logos-showcase/[/hyperlink]

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